She used to think it was the gods, the spiders that chased her away from home, her father, her half siblings. But that wasn’t the case. Annabeth never belonged there. She wasn’t meant to love a quiet life in San Francisco as the military professor’s daughter. She was meant to be a demigod, a hero, to save the world twice over, and not live to tell the tale. She belonged among legends, among Luke and Thalia, Chiron, and all the countless nameless who were too heroic to be remembered by history. The spiders didn’t chase her away.

They led her home.

(fic by aidan)

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The seven at disney world for the first time

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She’s never fancied herself a princess, but to Annabeth, there has always been this thing about Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom that makes her stomach swoop with excitement. When she was a little girl and the commercial would come up on the screen, she would run all the way over to the old television on her chubby little legs and stumble her way to the buttons, muting them so that she could press her nose against the glass and widen her eyes and imagine that she was there.

Looking back, Annabeth is pretty certain that it wasn’t actually the castle that she was fantasizing about. Instead, it’s the experience. She had never gone to Disney as a child, which is why she is a nineteen year old clutching onto the hand of her boyfriend and trying not to cry as she makes her way through the theme park.

When she had told him about what the castle meant to her, Percy had immediately set to work with getting them to Disney world. It hadn’t been too hard, actually, and once the other five figured out what their plan was, they all wanted to come too. Which was how their romantic weekend in Disney World had turned into a full on road trip, complete with Percy and Annabeth being forced to sleep in separate rooms, much to the chagrin of Percy.

At first, Annabeth had been upset too. But then she had come to the abrupt and enthralling realization that a trip to Disney world with seven people would take planning, and once she had started off on the research and the lists, Percy had been powerless to stop her. They’ve been able to go to all of the parks because of her meticulous planning, and have experienced rides, meals, and people that none of them had ever expected to come by.

Annabeth saved the Magic Kingdom for last. It’s their final night before they head off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over at Universal Studios, and her schedule has pushed and pulled them all around the park while all she wants to do it sit down and gaze at Cinderella’s castle.

It’s just as it had looked like in the commercials on television, and in the pamphlets that her father used to get in the mail from Disney. It takes Annabeth’s breath away. Even when they’re prancing around the park, doing the things on her schedule, Annabeth always has one eye on the castle.

Percy has noticed.

When the other seven are buying ice cream from a stand on the side of the road, he grabs Annabeth’s hand and leads her quietly away from the others. They’re all so caught up in the frozen confection that they barely notice.

“What are you doing?” Annabeth questions, but she’s whispering it because he’s grinning mischievously and she loves that grin and, furthermore, they haven’t been alone together for the entire four days that they’ve been in Disney. She misses him. Sure, they’ve been holding hands as they traipse through the parks, but it’s Florida and it’s sweaty and gross and she is nineteen years old and just wants to make out with her boyfriend.

“I have a surprise for you,” he says, squinting his eyes playfully at her. The green is lit up in a unique way against the fairy lights that line the street. And the grin that is stretching across his mouth is enough to make any girl melt, much less a girl who seems to have spent most of her life in love with him.

“A surprise?” she echoes, confused. As a knee jerk reaction, Annabeth glances down at the schedule. Nothing she hadn’t put there. “Um, okay?”

He’s smiling alarmingly hard and he seems alarmingly pleased with himself. She decides to go with it.

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